Technology Services

Information Technology

The uedbet官网ISD IT department provides technical support at all uedbet官网ISD campuses, satellite locations, and in Region 1 school districts including Comstock Park, uedbet官网市, 和斯巴达. In addition, we support several area Public School Academies. We also offer technical consulting and services to other member districts upon request.


The IT Department uses an online help system to log, 优先考虑, and assign help requests for technical support. Our technicians strive to provide excellent service to you, our customers. To request technical assistance, the following options are available:

  • Send an email to the 帮助台  - be sure to include all important details, your location, and phone number

You will receive an email confirmation within an hour that provides the technician's name assigned to your request and the estimated completion time. The 帮助台 is available Mon-Fri from 7:00-4:30. After-hour requests are processed the next business day.


Our School Data (OSD) was developed by uedbet官网ISD to provide a comprehensive data warehouse solution to several ISDs across Michigan.  Data warehousing is a valuable, proven approach to providing educators at all levels of an organization with the information they need to make high-impact decisions.

Information Systems

The Information Systems team provides support for many applications, including PowerSchool, Microsoft SQL server, MIPSE and several custom applications.  Our successes are hosting PowerSchool services for 5 LEA districts in addition to county LISTSERVs. The Information Systems team hosts quarterly user group meetings and workshops for our group members. We also facilitate the information exchange between the ISD and sending school districts.

  • PowerSchool SIS Support
  • PowerSchool SIS Training
  • 网上报名
  • 明亮的箭头
  • 学生会计
  • MiDataHub
  • 明亮的箭头 Notifications
  • MiDataHub支持
  • 学生会计 Support
  • PowerSchool SIS Customization Services
  • Sql Report Creation
  • PowerSchool SIS Implementation Support